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We Are the First Anti-Third Party Marketing Firm

Minard Capital is the first outsourced marketing consulting firm dedicated to pro­viding the strategy, investor intro­ductions, Rolodex and sales process necessary for alternative invest­ment firms to win and retain global institutional mandates. Minard Capital is not a broker-dealer nor a third party marketing firm. The firm is a fee-for-service consultancy, dedicated to delivering more efficient and effective marketing and branding tactics to raise a firm's assets, brand profile and sales efficiency.

EPIC Returns

In Partnership with P&I Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay
April 27–29, 2016

There is nowhere to hide. There is no more spin. The naked truth is the most powerful marketing campaign today.

—The Art of the Institutional Sale

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    EPIC Returns

    April 27-29, 2016

    Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA

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Power: the freedom to be truly yourself without compromise and the respect by others to not have to prove it.

—The Art of the Institutional Sale

TEDx Marin

I want an outcome I can predict and control.

—The Art of the Institutional Sale

None of us are marketers anymore. We are all trial lawyers putting our firms on trial in front of a jury of allocators to prove their investment edge is defensively and verifiably true and repeatable.

—The Art of the Institutional Sale

Today, investors invest in businesses not just performance.

—The Art of the Institutional Sale

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Speaking in Thumbs: The Handbook of Empathy

A Book in the Works

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Speaking in Thumbs: The Handbook of Empathy was started with an eye toward redefining empathy and the application of this new definition to Wall Street. After three years working on this book, Rachel was approached by several clients who urged her to consider writing a precursor to Thumbs. Heeding their direction, and therefore shelving Thumbs—at least for now—The Art of the Institutional Sale was born.