The Minard Guild, Chicago

The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel
October 27th28th, 2019


The Minard Guild, Chicago is an annual, invitation-only, 1.5-day event being held October 27th–28th, 2019 in the heart of historic, downtown Chicago.

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With 100 decision-making, active allocators and 50 asset manager CIOs attending, The Guild is a closed-door, press-free, immersive idea-sharing and networking event designed to bring important industry experts together to discuss and diagnose key issues with suggestive, prescriptive solutions shared.


Rachel has created unique and remarkable events attended by many industry leaders. The atmosphere is always truly special and the conversations are intellectually invigorating and 'out of the box.' I always leave motivated with new perspectives and thought-provoking concepts.

Lionel Erdely Head and CIO, Alternative Investment Solutions, Investcorp

***** Five out of five stars. The Gold Standard of investment conferences. Uniquely Minard Capital. Everything about the conferences feels bespoke and memorable. The one conference you will speak fondly about for years to come and the only one everyone wished they had attended.

Brad Yamada Managing Partner, Argos Wealth Advisors

The Minard Guild is a very special and unique business event!

Jason Moss Managing Director, Verus Investments

I don’t think there is anyone in the industry that works harder than Rachel Minard to help others build their networks, careers and businesses. Her commitment to connecting people is second to none. Minard Capital’s conferences create the industry’s best opportunity for a small group of professionals to share investment ideas and business strategy. Every time I meet with Rachel, she inspires me to think more creatively about how to manage my business.

Bryan Weeks Head of Americas Institutional, Russell Investments

Since we live in a time when most interactions are digitized, blast-emailed, or delivered through the cold filter of social media, Minard Capital’s approach stands out. It is best described as 'hand-crafted.' It is personal, tailored, and, therefore, effective, in the most essential way. The fact that this effort of theirs is called 'The Guild' is perfect, as a guild is defined as 'a medieval association of craftsmen.' Minard Capital is doing that for the modern-day investor.

David Schofield Managing Director, UC San Francisco Foundation Investment Company

Minard Capital’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. The intimacy and craftsmanship of their events is refreshing in our modern world of finance. Minard Capital always brings together great company. I won’t miss it.

Chris Winiarz CIO, Lakeview Capital Management

Since, by definition, 'guild' is an association of artisans with a common purpose, what could be better than being part of the Minard Guild. For someone who addresses “The Future of Capitalism” in her very first TED Talk, Rachel is clearly not one who thinks small. Her first class events attract top industry leaders who will make you think, make you laugh, and challenge you to go outside your comfort zone. Having known Rachel for over 20 years, I have never been disappointed in the audience, the location or the speakers so I blocked out my calendar as soon as I got the invite and would encourage you all to do the same.

Bruce Graham Vice President, Financial Advisor, CapTrust Advisors

You can put me down for every Minard Guild event from now on. It was absolute genius, and I’ve blocked out Chicago.

Don Putnam Managing Partner, Grail Partners

Thanks for a wonderful experience at the Minard Guild last week! I have been to a lot of conferences, forums, summits and events in my career but this one ranks among the best. You guys know how to put on a show!

Sandip Bhagat CIO, Whittier Trust Company

Attending the Guild was life changing from both a personal & professional perspective.

Greg Troccoli Head of Business Development, Dynamic Beta investments

A great event, expertly organized and always interesting.

Mick Swift Deputy CEO & Research Director, Abbey Capital

An amazing experience and impossible to replicate!! I have never experienced an event that felt so personal and attendee-oriented.

Lee Beck Managing Partner, Kudu Investment Management

You surpassed all my expectations at the Minard Guild. I learned a lot and made some new friends. The whole thing was so special and different. A truly memorable event. You made me feel special throughout the entire event.

Eli Kent Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Moody Aldrich Partners, LLC

The Guild was a great forum for meaningful conversations. And, as always, the attention to detail was extraordinary.

Bill Deuchler Managing Director, Morgan Creek Capital Management

My most sincere thanks to Minard Capital for hosting an extraordinary event. It felt like an honor to be among such esteemed guests. I learned a ton and met wonderful people.

Meredith Genova Director of Sales and Marketing, Nicholas Investment Partners

I wanted to thank you for what has been a very well curated event. Everything, from the location to the roundtables topics or the attendees, was very well thought out. It was very different from the conferences I typically participate in and I had the chance to meet very interesting people from very diverse backgrounds.

Jean-Francois Tormo Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Global Portfolio Management, Americas, Lyxor Asset Management

The Minard Guild, Half Moon Bay in 2018 proved out our thesis: that creating an intimate environment of problem-solving collaboration would result in deeper relationship building—not through speeddating but through pre-vetted introductions between qualified investors and worthy managers. To capitalize on this success means maintaining a high standard both in the hightouch effort of The Guild, maintaining the integrity of its purpose and subsequent follow up between all parties that have now become a community, not just a network.

Please enjoy Rachel’s Welcome Video before the 2018 Half Moon Bay event…

Minard Guild wax seal

“Any new investment made coming into 2019 and further into 2020 will require a trusted partnership be established by the asset owner and the asset manager alongside that of the intermediary, the arbiter between both parties. This collaboration and partnership can only be established through trust, transparency and the tenacity of positioning the benefits of an investment solution to the problem it’s meant to solve. The Minard Guild is the only industry event specifically designed to engender this collaboration and the only venue constructed with the purpose of strengthening the trust in these relationships and the friendships that result from these discussions. We welcome you to the Minard Guild, Chicago 2019 and the rare opportunity to meet decision-making investors for which such relationships have proven can be forged.”

Rachel S.L. Minard signature

Rachel S. L. Minard Founder and CEO, Minard Capital LLC

The Minard Guild is a unique event unparalleled in the global investment industry. In advance of The Guild, each attendee will receive a complete dossier on all those attending to provide the context, background, and insights to ignite dynamic conversations amongst CIOs of endowments, foundations, pension plans, corporate plans, multi- and single-family offices, wealth advisors, pension consultants, insurance companies, private banks and global sovereign wealth funds.


Too many conferences cover similar groups in similar ways. Minard Capital’s conferences present distinctive viewpoints and people I have not otherwise seen, delivered with unusual flair.

Paul Isaac CIO, Arbiter Partners

The conference was meticulously organized with no detail forgotten. The ambiance and social time were very unique. A great chance to network with high-quality investors and fund managers.

Alissa Shipper Director, Public Markets, Bayshore Global Management

The Guild is a unique event with an interactive format that brings allocators and managers together as problem solvers.

Carl Ludwigson Director of Manager Research, Bel Air Investment Advisors

What a unique and fun event that brings people from all backgrounds together.

Jay Pomatto Managing Director, bfinance

Every part of the experience was outstanding. The venue was splendid, and the event structure could not have been better. The idea of hosted tables and shared ideas around a topic generated a very collegial experience. Everyone seemed to enjoy discussing why they were in attendance and what they hoped to learn.

Tom Costantino Managing Director, Co-Founder, Bluffview Energy Capital

One of the BEST networking events I've ever attended. It was like attending the event of the century; you don't want to miss it. I was honored to have been part of it.

Bill Yuen Co-Founder & CEO, Brickell Key Asset Management

A gathering of exceptional investment professionals rarely seen at other conferences.

Marty Dirks Trustee & Committee Member, City of San Jose ERS

An unforgettable experience with amazing investment professionals!

Joe Cook President & Managing Director, Concentus Global Partners

The Guild experience allowed me to grow professionally as well as personally. I learned a variety of things that will benefit me now and in the future.

Chris Reynolds Partner, Head of Distribution, Cornerstone Investment Partners

What a delightful reimagining of an investment conference.

Steve Persky Co Founder & COO, Dalton Investments

Many thanks for all that you did for us in preparation leading up to the Guild; your careful pairing the three of us with potential allocators and networking personalities, and a truly professional event executed very personally.

Jim Grant Advisor, Consultant, US Region, Davy Asset Management

Wonderful location, creative in every sense and execution perfect.

Victor Zollo Founding Partner & Co-Chief Executive Officer, DePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc. (DRZ)

The most innovative investor / investment conference ever. The Guild table structure with 'best & brightest' coupled with summary points to all was engaging, informative, and 'brain food' for strategic action.

David Readerman Managing Member & Portfolio Manager, Endurance Capital Partners

Investing is about people and ideas. The Minard Guild empathically captures and artfully augments what financial markets are truly about. It creates powerful synergies through personal encounter, through the authentic sharing of experience, viewpoints, and ideas, and through masterfully connecting the world of finance with arts and social values. I have returned from the Minard Guild deeply enriched by professional and personal inspiration, contacts, and friendships.

Thomas Oberlechner Founder & Managing Partner, FinPsy LLC

When you enter the Minard Guild, you enter an investment salon, an intellectual gathering of world views, art, portfolio management, and asset cultivation.

Michael Schulman Managing Director / Senior Portfolio Manager, Hollencrest

The Minard Guild team has left nothing to chance to create this completely unprecedented, show-stopping event.


The Minard Guild exceeded all expectations.

Mark Beeston Managing Partner and Founder, Illuminate Financial Management

Outstanding attention to detail, and a real effort to take GPs and LPs out of artificial speed-dating pitches into an opportunity for more genuine interaction.

Eric Ball Partner, Impact Venture Capital

I’m a huge fan of Minard’s conferences! The unique conference is always extremely well organized and boasts meticulous attention to detail — before, during, and after the event. She consistently features powerful speakers who contribute great insight and foster engaging conversation throughout the room. Definitely one of my favorite conferences of the year! I won’t miss attending The Minard Guild in 2019…it’s already in my calendar.

Paul Zummo CEO, JPMorgan Alternative Asset Management

The Minard Guild was the most unique investment gathering I have ever attended in my 20 years in the business! The experience and attention to detail was amazing, but certainly not surprising.

Adam Elegant Director, KKR

I can't express in words how much I enjoyed your conference! Your attention to detail is amazing.

Preston Ingram , Private Individual

Minard Capital [Rachel Minard] thinks creatively, knows everybody, nails the details and understands how to make everything she does exciting and fun.

Roy Niederhoffer President, R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc.

An unexpected, well thought out, and meticulously planned conference—a signature trademark of Rachel and her team.

Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy Vice President, Richter Family Office Inc.

The Guild is an extraordinary experience. The Guild's focus on bringing together a diverse group of exceptional people to share ideas and solve problems is unique in the industry. Also, the thought, attention to detail, and curation that goes into The Guild is unparalleled.

Bob Groth SEI Investment Manager Services, SEI Investments

Rachel and her team are a cut above … and The Minard Guild was a true pleasure to attend.

Randy Slifka Managing Principal, Slifka Asset Management

A beautifully designed and executed event. Your care and attention to detail was plainly obvious.

Dom Napolitano Managing Partner, Talson Capital Management

A truly differentiated conference.

Jeff Zlot Managing Director, Tiedemann Advisors

The Guild was something truly remarkable and singular in that it was a conference by name, but a meeting of friends and family in its execution.

Jack Horgan Vice President, Vine Street Wealth Management

I know first-hand the diligence and care brought forth to assemble the Minard Guild. For those who finally want a meeting with meaning, The Guild is a must attend. In a world of streaming facts and bullet points, we need more than ever the insightful paragraph and inspirational chapter for thought leadership to thrive. The Minard Guild is the answer.

Pat Welton CIO, Welton Investments

What a great way to share everyone's insight. A roundtable discussion is a great way to include all viewpoints instead of session after session of five talking heads pitching a product.

Ray Joseph Vice President, Wilshire Associates

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